Why do we equate eating more fatty foods to being more manly?

by Amy Renee
Why do we equate eating more fatty foods to being more manly?

I don’t get it. Honestly. Our country is the fattest and unhealthiest it has ever been, yet for some reason there is a stigma associated with those who eat a healthy diet. Why is it “cool” or “manly” to have the ability to chow down 100 greasy chicken wings with a picture of beer? Or inhale two double bacon cheese burgers with a massive serving of fries and a mega super-serving of sugar-laden soda? This is very disturbing to me. Disgusting in fact. We are encouraging people to eat themselves to an early grave!

Is it also manly to be stuck in his sofa because he can’t get his fat ass out of it? Is it manly that he doesn’t have the fitness level to save his family or pets in the case of a fire or other serious situation because of his poor health status? Why do men pressure each other to eat and eat and eat? Why is it considered feminine if a man stops eating when he is full or if he orders a healthy menu option?

I apologize for the rant, but this is just so frustrating. I’ve worked in the food industry and have seen it with my own eyes – the peer pressure to drink [alcohol] excessively and consume massive amounts of greasy animal foods full of disease-causing trans and saturated fats. I’m sure you’ve seen many of the commercials that capitalize on the fact that overconsuming is considered “manly.” Just pay attention the next time your television is on. I’m sure you will see at least one commercial that makes eating a huge, fattening meal look macho. Ugh.

Check out these advertisements. What are we teaching/reinforcing through this type of marketing?

First there’s this Burger King ad, “I am man.” Click here to view it.

This makes me so unhappy. 🙁 Is having triple bypass surgery manly? Is having high blood pressure manly? Is having to take cholesterol-lowering medications manly?

And seriously, this food is disgusting. Trust me, once you’re on a clean eating regime you won’t be able to even walk into a fast food restaurant because it smells so gross! And Velveta cheese? Umm, really? Disgusting. I don’t eat cheese, but I wouldn’t even consider this stuff cheese at all. Liquid gold? More like liquid artery clogging sludge.

Next, check out this Velveeta commercial, “Eat like the guy you know.” Click here to watch this one.

And for those of you who think those “body builder” types walking around the gym with a gallon jug of water are healthy, think again. Most body builders (not all – there are several who do not fall into this category thankfully) think they need to consume ridiculous amounts of protein, mostly from animal sources, in order to gain and maintain muscle mass. This simply isn’t true. It is so sad to me that they are literally killing themselves and don’t even realize it. AND ALL FOR THE SAKE OF LOOKING A CERTAIN WAY!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they are bad people. They are simply misinformed is all, and it is truly very sad. I was one of those people several years ago. I mean, I wasn’t carrying around a gallon jug of water everywhere and drinking protein shakes every single hour, but I did consume TONS of protein. In fact, about 70% of my total daily energy (calories) came from protein. Crazy, right? I thought it was the best thing to do to stay as lean as possible and also stay satiated so I wouldn’t eat all day long. Boy was I wrong. Today my diet is about 70% carbohydrates and about 10% protein and I’m way leaner, but still have muscles. And my health is A TON BETTER because of it.

Think of all the body builders who have had CVD due to their lifestyle choices. Sad. And watch this Taco Bell commercial that tries to make their food look like a healthy protein option. Comical, yes. Healthy food option, not even close.

Finally, here is one of several variations of Taco Bell’s “Muscle-Heads” commercial. Check it out by clicking here.

So…the point I’m trying to make is this:

Why don’t we make a change? Let’s start educating others on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Increased energy and stamina (hello better sex!), better self esteem and increased confidence, enhanced sleep, mental clarity and focus, and WAY LESS RISK OF DEVELOPING CHRONIC DISEASES! Let’s be positive role models on the younger generations and reverse the trend of childhood obesity. Let’s STOP encouraging unhealthy lifestyles and start living and loving healthy ones.

Here’s a list of what I find manly:

  • Compassion for animals and other human beings
  • Natural strength – not the “steroided out” un-natural kind, but natural muscles, big or small
  • Athletic ability combined with modesty – a man who can run, swim, play a sport or do anything athletic without bragging about it to everyone he sees
  • Healthy lifestyle – a man who strives to live a healthy lifestyle, but is not OCD about it. He still finds [healthy] ways to have fun!
  • Willingness to change – YES! You don’t have to have any specific look – just be open and willing to make a change. THAT IS SEXY!

So stop eating crappy food because you think it’s “manly” and start making healthier choices to get back on track. There are so many benefits to a healthy lifestyle. Being sexy is just one! Being healthy and feeling good is the best. And guess what, HEALTHY FOOD IS DELICIOUS!!!



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