Embracing Change

by Amy Renee
Embracing Change

Just as the caterpillar thought the world is over, it became a butterfly.

English Proverb

In life we face all kinds of situations, good and bad. Sometimes what life has to offer feels so overwhelming that it is difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel. But as the old saying goes, nothing in life worth anything comes easy.

We must work for it. And through all the struggles, heartache, pain, difficulties and other obstacles we must overcome that is when the beauty emerges, just like that butterfly from the cocoon.

Whether your major obstacle is health related or weight related or both, or if the poor health you are suffering from is conditional based on the stresses you are dealing try to focus on the fact that it is through the difficult times that we often find purpose in life and rise above to a new beginning.

I encourage you to give meditation a try. And when you are comfortable with your newly learned mindful breathing move on to yoga. If you are not comfortable joining a class try a yoga DVD or start with some free online yoga lessons. I highly recommend you find a studio to join, one that is close to your home or work and has a welcoming presence so you are excited to go. When you are in a class the instructor is able to guide you so that you do not hurt yourself.

Find that mind body connection through meditation and yoga. You learn to be mindful of everything you do. You start to recognize the change in your breathing when you become anxious or scared. And you learn how to calm yourself (think lower your blood pressure) through deep breathing. When you are in tune with your body it is much easier to recognize true hunger and satiety cues and enjoy food through mindful eating. Eating becomes less stressful and much more pleasurable as it should be. Food (real, healthy, unprocessed plant food)  is delicious and shouldn’t be something you hate or blame for making you fat and unhealthy.

Don’t be scared of change. We often have a specific picture in our minds of what our future will look like, yet more often than not life has other plans for us. Whether you are making a move across the country (or world), starting a new job, starting a new relationship, ending a relationship, or making behavior changes toward a healthier lifestyle (exercising more, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol and caffeine, cutting out refined sugar and fried foods, etc.) be excited! You are starting a new journey and it will be a fantastic experience as long as you make it that way! YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE! Never give up.


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